Saturday, July 21, 2012

Once a year

Once a year comes a very special day...thats right...birthdays! I cant believe this is Ky's last bday here! Next year I will be sending all his birthday presents in a cardboard box! So bitter sweet. The bday this year started with me attacking his car at 1 in the morning. He got soooo many weird looks driving the green machine today. Then we went on a GORGEOUS dirtbike ride up by kelly canyon. where we stopped by the river and opened his present. I embroidered a pillow case for his mission, got him an awesome dirtbike stand, (to replace his plastic bucket nailed onto a wood panel that he made) ..(thanks cameron for the help picking it out) and i put together a small photo album of all our pictures that he can take with him. It was a great day and im so proud and happy to have this young man in my life:)

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