Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas at the Randalls

This year we only had the boys, Jake and Jon, plus the lovely DeeAnna. With my two sisters out East i was left to fend for myself! But everything turned out great. It was super fun, I even got to be Santa's helper which i have been begging to do for a long time! Christmas included: Amazing non stop food from mom, remote control helicopters, ginger in a reindeer outfit, a 6 hour game of Monoply, (more like a battle) which Jacob won, and new movie excursions: Missions Impossible IV and Sherlock Holmes II. Great Christmas! 

These were my pjs for this year. I have been asking for one-sy pjs for a loooong time. very proud of em
This was my attempt to be crafty for Kyler's Christmas present this year :) Along with a gorgeous new jacket (if i say so myself,) which he really needed, and a measuring tape letter... :)
Kylers present to me!! an awesome picture blanket, story: he made me believe that we were taking these pictures because his parents wanted to test out their new camera, (which is awesome!) but he had this in mind the whole time! SNEAKY little bugger! the bottom says: "je t'aime plus infini et l'au dela" our little inside joke. "i love you most infinity and beyond" suuuuuper cheesy. but thats what makes it great. plus he got me some TOMS that i wanted sooo bad. and a cd of great love songs. and pretzels :D

Yes i would say it was a very merry Christmas and i am very blessed.

And thats the confession of my dreams thus far.

Hello Blogging world.

This is my attempt at blogging...we'll see how it goes. I am hoping it motivates me to take more pictures and make the most out of every experience. If anyone has any suggestions, or advice, it will be greatly appreciated.
    I guess in order for you to be interested in my now, you need to know about my before.
I just finished my first semester of college at BYU-I. and it was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself, and the future I want. I have a love for music, kids, the deeper meaning of things, the gospel, my family, mom especially, and my amazzzzing boy. All of which will be properly introduced in due time I hope.
Hope you enjoy!