Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dreaming of COLORS

Oh my goodness. I LOVE my best friends sooo much! We are having so much fun in utah. We have been shopping, and gone to the festival of colors so far.  We were soo excited. We parked about two miles from the festival and walked there because its crazy. there are so many people. They said it was the biggest crowd they had ever had. So we walked so far (claire Barefoot) And got in, got our chalk and PARTIED! there was live music, tonz of people and lots of colors. Plus the SWEET Hindu temple that i never knew was there! who knew. Chalk all up in your nose and eyes and everywhere,being claustrophobic, and not being able to breathe... so worth it. :) LIFE IS A DREAM

Friday, March 16, 2012

Living the dream!

Say hello to my new life. :) jealous? haha. For my child 150 class we got to plan an activity and actually go into the preschool labs.! This is just a pre req class for the program so i was excited to go in for the first time. The theme that day they were learning about was balls! So my group decided to do a ball toss! We bout this science poster board and i covered it with free samples of fabric and cut out the wholes, we had a beach ball, football, volleyball, and a bunch of fun small balls of jaden and connor's that i borrowed(thanks:) This poor poster went through so much and ended up looking kinda homely but i figured the kids wouldn't care and ill learn from this haha. It was soooo fun i loved it!! i cant wait to start the program!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dreaming of Spring :)

It is getting beautiful here in Rexburg! Spring is practically here. With just an ounce of sunshine nobody is staying inside! Thus why we planned our first cookout this weekend! It was crazy going around town to get our things ready. Every living college student was out walking, playing, partying at the park, which meant an ambulance was there. ha i am so excited for nice weather and partyin with ma girl claire! Also got to hang out with her roomate emalee.. the three of us make a great team and we'll be up to lots more soon! summer lovin!