Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's official, the love of my life and best friend is going to be spending two years in....UKRAINE! This day was unbelievably amazing! I have never felt more at peace and happy in my whole life. Given i was very emotional,( I cried more than anyone there) and I am going to miss him more than anything, I am honestly not afraid for him to leave. I love him so much I do not mind at all sharing him with other people so that he can teach the gospel. I made an amazing video of all the footage from his call. I hope to be able to upload it soon. 
 The fam clan. I love these people, so dear to my heart.

A day with My dreamy boy and his bike

Throw in my favorite boy, a dirtbike, 70 degree weather, a beautiful river, and paper bag lunches and what do you get? An absolute dream date. Ky and I got his dirtbike out for the first ride of the summer and was blissful!! I could not love spending time with ky more than I do, and my absolute favorite is our dirtbike times. I mean I can't resist, cuddlin up to this cute kid, surrounding ourselves with nature bein silly, and lunch on the river,  it doesn't get better than that. I finally bought me a helmet and i LOOOOVE it !!! I've been waiting to find the right one for a year!! Best day ever. Besides the day Kyler opened his mission call.

 haha love that pic

Future Nanny?

Claire gets all the hook ups for the nanny jobs in Rexburg and it is sooo not fair. So to be fair I tag along :) I love children soo much. It is something I've always known but recently, I have embraced it more and it is my passion. So if anyone knows any nanny jobs anywhere in the country next spring, or even here in Rexburg for this summer PLEASE let me know:)