Saturday, August 4, 2012

love love love

Since this blog is mostly for me. ill be talking to myself a little. Remember that song by Avalanche city? "love love love" also "see you soon" by coldplay ? yea well they're calling my name today. and so are all my pics in the "me and ky" folder. I cannot stop looking at them and thinking..."wow 24 days...and this man that has made me happier than anyone i've ever know is leaving. for two years!" The thought is really overwhelming me a bit. but Im also sooo excited! we both need to grow and experience life and i am sooo excited to see what will happen in two years. I can't wait to watch him grow through letters of his experiences. I can't wait till August 2014 when we reunite and things will be even better than they are now. That gives me hope. the three week mark is hard. Not wanting it to come while at the same time just thinking, can we rip the band aid off and get this next two years rolling? I am just so grateful to have had the past two years together. They have FLOWN by which makes me hope the next two fly by also. Kyler has taught me so much, bu mostly just to be happy no matter what. If ky has something happen that i think aw that would make me sad why aren't you sad? he replies "I love to be happy, I choose to be happy because it's not worth it to be sad." wow...could he get any wiser? And almost every "happiest moments" in my life have been with him. Every time i think about getting sad because he's leaving, i think of the people in Ukraine, and think about how MY ky will bring the gospel to their lives and it is VERY heart warming. That is what gets me through. I am so blessed to have this love. and....let the journey begin

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