Saturday, May 12, 2012

A day with My dreamy boy and his bike

Throw in my favorite boy, a dirtbike, 70 degree weather, a beautiful river, and paper bag lunches and what do you get? An absolute dream date. Ky and I got his dirtbike out for the first ride of the summer and was blissful!! I could not love spending time with ky more than I do, and my absolute favorite is our dirtbike times. I mean I can't resist, cuddlin up to this cute kid, surrounding ourselves with nature bein silly, and lunch on the river,  it doesn't get better than that. I finally bought me a helmet and i LOOOOVE it !!! I've been waiting to find the right one for a year!! Best day ever. Besides the day Kyler opened his mission call.

 haha love that pic

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