Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dream Catcher

My friend Emalee got a "Smash Book" for easter. I was very curious about this book. And then when i got a look at it i was excited beyond words! It is the cutest thing ever. A book filled with awesome scrapbook designed paper that you just put whatever you wants in there, movie tickets, love notes, qoutes, ideas you want to do in the future, recipes that are amazing,snapshots, whatever you want! And it was only ten dollars. So here it is ladies and gents
 It comes with an awesome pen. One side is a fine tip pen/marker. And get this... the other side is a glue stick.! its awesome. Then there are awesome accessories you can get, i got some vintage looking craft tape to tape things in, and smash book note pad that is for quotes and stuff.
This is the page i put our movie tickets from "This means War" on. super fun right? I will fit tonz more on this page but for now.. just this :)  I wrote  "Date night, Team Tuck!" because that is who i wanted her to choose in the movie, and all of our friends that were there. 
Especially since I only have about three months with ky before his mish, i don't want to forget anything:)
Any who, you should get one. It's an awesome way to catch your memories in the moment. 

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  1. Such a great idea for people who are totally scapbook-challenged (like myself). Glad you showed me this.