Friday, March 16, 2012

Living the dream!

Say hello to my new life. :) jealous? haha. For my child 150 class we got to plan an activity and actually go into the preschool labs.! This is just a pre req class for the program so i was excited to go in for the first time. The theme that day they were learning about was balls! So my group decided to do a ball toss! We bout this science poster board and i covered it with free samples of fabric and cut out the wholes, we had a beach ball, football, volleyball, and a bunch of fun small balls of jaden and connor's that i borrowed(thanks:) This poor poster went through so much and ended up looking kinda homely but i figured the kids wouldn't care and ill learn from this haha. It was soooo fun i loved it!! i cant wait to start the program!

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